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Thread: Memories of A Trade Server - (Posted in Steam Group Discussions)

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    Exclamation Memories of A Trade Server - (Posted in Steam Group Discussions)

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    Damn, i actually remembered my account
    Wow this is ancient lol

    So tonight i was pretty drunk, i remembered about a little trade server i used to go on back during the months of Feburary- December 2012. Now this server happened to be a FTL Minecraft Trading Server. (Not this account) I was [TKOH]Robert6199 (btw i am a male) and had a Rarity Profile pic/spray( lol ikr). I dont expect some of you to remember who i was but i mained sniper (and was arguebly the better sniper on the server- hahaha) Anyways tears were brough to my eyes when i remembered the found memories from that server. Whether it was coreysploude and his spycrabs, Dukes's singing on the mic, or Vietnam's huntsman arrows, HUGH JASS's machina sniping, CRY's story telling (always loved it), Twentyone's sales pitches ( along with Bombsaway!/ also Mr.Monotone). Keys were 2.33-2.55, buds were 28 keys, Meet the Pyro/MVM had bearly came out, some of mentioned names above attempted and failed miserably (impossible 666 wave). I only write this, because of how amazing i think it is, that many of shared so many experinces on that server.
    One question i have is, is this possible again ?, is there a possibility of another FTL Trade Server.
    But life has a weird way of kicking everyone in the ass, time and money often dont come mutually.
    Ive touched base again with only a few members, but like i said not many remember me
    Just know, i will always remeber the FTL Trading Server, and those fucking fond memories I have had the privilage of sharing with some of you guys.

    Good Luck In Life - An Old Friend [TKOH]Robert6199 (now- BurnToast)

    p.s Sparta Cat- I didnt forget about you - just know, you are right here <3

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    Ah, yes there were a lot of great experiences on the server... unfortunately however the tf2 trading scene isnt really there any more... so it would be hard to do anything of the sort, "brand new" that is. Luckily enough if you have Pirate Santa or Razz or even duke i think is on there, they have created a mumble server that is going to be transferring to a Discord server at the end of the month, and you could probably ask them for the link to that if you want to play games with some of them again.

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    I had a lot of fond memories of the server as well. I played a lot during the period that you mentioned and was always on mic, so you may remember me. There was a point where I would get on the trade server everyday after school. Unfortunately there is pretty much no chance of another tf2 trade server. Not only has tf2 trading died out a lot, but most of old server regulars don't play tf2 at all anymore. As far as I can tell a big reason the server was shut down, was because It was empty for a better part of the day. Imo the regulars were really what made the server special, and without them I don't really see much point in it. I have only played tf2 once or twice since the server went down, and it used to be one of the only games I played. Most of us have moved on to other games, like dota or overwatch.

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    I am glad you shared your memories about the server, I plan to keep this website up for a long time, and the forums. Servers were closed more than a year ago just because the interest wasn't there, people would say they want to play but the server would get people on for 25 minutes and then it would be dead. Not worth the expense of having servers running. Most new video games don't have the ability to rent servers for them anymore, the public server aspect for tf2, and css has kind of died down.

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    Posting because I haven't posted in 1-2 years and I feel like taking a mini nostalgia trip
    If you don't have me added hit me up

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